Difficulties of High School Students Today

High school students often face a number of difficulties, which they may encounter in various aspects of their school and personal lives. These difficulties may vary according to individual circumstances, but there are some common problems that many students face. 

Academic load: The level of difficulty of high school subjects can be significantly higher than in middle school, which can create stress and pressure. Choosing a study profile or advanced subjects can add even more pressure.

Time Management: High school students must learn to organize their time effectively in order to handle schoolwork, extracurriculars, and in some cases, part-time jobs. This can lead to stress and a lack of time for relaxation.

The Baccalaureate exam: In many countries, the Baccalaureate exam is a crucial moment in the school career of high school students. The pressure to perform well can be overwhelming.

Social problems: High school students often face social problems, such as conflict with peers, pressure from peer groups, or the problem of bullying. These aspects can have a negative impact on their well-being.

Anxiety and depression: Academic and social pressure can contribute to anxiety and depression among high school students. It is important that they receive support and have access to mental health resources.

Career Choices: High school students must begin to consider career options and make academic and career choices. This can be a difficult and stressful decision for many.

Parental and societal pressure: Parents and society can put pressure on high school students to achieve top academic results or to follow certain career paths. This added pressure can create stress and anxiety

Financial problems: Some high school students may have financial problems, either because of school-related costs or because of their family’s financial situation. These problems can negatively affect their academic success.

Motivation: Motivation can be a problem for many high school students, especially in subjects that do not interest them or that they consider unimportant for their future.

To deal with these difficulties, it is important that high school students have a strong support system that includes parents, teachers, school counselors and, if necessary, mental health professionals. Developing time, stress and interpersonal skills can also help. We can therefore say that the challenges of today’s high school students are not at all easier, compared to those that the old generations went through.


prof. Flory-Violeta Nicolae

Centrul Județean de Asistență Psihopedagogică Gorj (Gorj) , România
Profil iTeach: iteach.ro/profesor/flory.nicolae

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