The Advantages of Erasmus Projects for Teenagers: A Case Study of the HOGWORDS – School of Cryptography for Young Learners

In today’s Europe, the Erasmus+ programme stands as a beacon of educational excellence and cross-cultural collaboration. One exemplary project under this initiative is the “HOGWORDS – School of Cryptography for Young Learners” -Erasmus KA210-SCH- small-scale partnerships in school education. It was a remarkable project implemented by the Imago Mundi Association from Romania and the Confine Mondo Association from Italy, and  offered profound advantages for teenagers, enhancing their cryptography and math skills, aiding university orientation for their future studies.

Enhancing Cryptography and Math Skills

One of the primary goals of the HOGWORDS project is to provide young learners with a robust foundation in cryptography and mathematics. Cryptography, the art of writing and solving codes, is not only a fascinating subject but also a crucial skill in the digital age. Through a blend of online courses and face-to-face sessions, students engaged with complex cryptographic techniques. They began with a light session on cryptography in Romania, where they participated in a role-playing game as spies in training for a Spy Agency. During this session, they had to invent their own codes and send coded messages. The project concluded a year later in Rome at the Italian National Institute of Statistics, where their task was to decode a complex coded text designed by professors from Sapienza University in Rome and the Institute of Statistics.

The courses, taught by university teachers and research mathematicians from Rome, ensured that the learning experience was both comprehensive and stimulating.

Higher Education Orientation and Future Studies

The project also played a pivotal role in university orientation, guiding students in making informed decisions about their future studies. Exposure to advanced topics in cryptography, statistics and mathematics helped students identify their interests and strengths, which is crucial when choosing a university course. Additionally, the opportunity to interact with university professors and researchers provided insights into academic life and the various career paths available in these fields. This experience also made the university environment, more approachable and less intimidating for the students.

European Funding and the Erasmus+ Programme

The HOGWORDS project is a testament to the impactful use of European funding through the Erasmus+ programme, which not only facilitates educational projects but also promotes cultural exchange and mutual understanding among European youth. The financial support from Erasmus+ allowed for the creation of a high-quality educational experience that would otherwise be inaccessible to many students. This funding covered various aspects of the project, including online and face-to-face courses, travel expenses for the trips to Romania and Italy, and resources needed for effective learning.

Collaborative Implementation by NGOs

The collaborative efforts of the Imago Mundi Association from Romania and the Confine Mondo Association from Italy were instrumental in the success of the HOGWORDS project. These NGOs brought together their expertise and human resources, to create an impactful program. They ensured that the project was not only academically enriching but also culturally immersive.

Online and Face-to-Face Learning

The HOGWORDS project utilized a blended learning approach, combining online courses with face-to-face sessions. The online courses provided a solid theoretical foundation, while the face-to-face meetings facilitated practical application and personal interaction with experts. This combination ensured a well-rounded educational experience.


The HOGWORDS – School of Cryptography for Young Learners project exemplifies the benefits of Erasmus projects for teenagers. By enhancing cryptography and math skills, aiding in university orientation, and providing a comprehensive learning experience, the project equips students with the tools they need for academic and professional success. The support from the Erasmus+ programme and the collaborative efforts of the Imago Mundi and Confine Mondo Associations highlight the importance of cross-cultural educational initiatives.

As the 20 high-school students involved in this project move forward in their academic journeys, the experiences and skills gained from the HOGWORDS project will serve as a solid foundation for their future endeavours.


prof. Elena Loredana Dracea-Sima

Inspectoratul Școlar Județean Argeș (Argeş) , România
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