Europe Is My Future! (Erasmus+ Project)

The European Union is a very important force in terms of economic, political, social, cultural and geopolitical aspect. Every member of this union benefits from the gains of this power. Recently, however, there have been some anti-union views that the European Union has brought more harm than good. In this context, England decided to quit the union by making Brexit agreement. Teachers from Lithuania, Turkiye, Italy and Romania decided to come together and work on a project called “Europe is my Future” which is an Erasmus+ project designed to transfer the achievements of the European Union to the younger generations and prevent disagreements.

The most recent mobility which was held in Turkey focused on the social and cultural benefits of the European Union. The themes of the European Union’s convergence and cultural cohesion were emphasized. The Turkish partner prepared activities. Within the scope of these activities, social associations, charity institutions, foundations and cultural associations were visited. The lives of Europeans residing in Turkey were discussed, social and cultural lives of these people were examined. Students had a unique opportunity to meet the expats living in Antalya, listen to their stories and discuss. The main purpose of this mobility was to observe the effects of the European Union on cultural and social life and it was successfully implemented. In this context, seminars were given. The experiences gained in this mobility contributed positively to the social and cultural perspective of the common schools in the European Union.

The project partner schools provided the cultural integration of the European Union and eliminated the inter-communal divergence and prejudices.

In addition, the project activities held so far were all evaluated. All studies were reviewed. Cooperation was made in order to ensure the dissemination and continuity of the project.

Furthermore, several activities which were organized such as seminars, social association, cultural institution visits, cultural and social events, cultural trips. Individuals participating in the project activities experienced social and cultural cohesion. International cultural awareness occurred. Individuals’ prejudices about other cultures disappeared, and individuals who know each other, think empathically and respect different cultures. The experience of different cultures, traditions and religious beliefs expanded cultural awareness and was an outstanding real-time experience especially joyful after the pandemic and years spent in the homeland.

Being exposed to culture-learning opportunities stimulated the minds and helped all the participants think in diverse ways. Students were able to practice the English language.


prof. Aurelia Cucu

Colegiul de Industrie Alimentară Elena Doamna, Galați (Galaţi) , România
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