Erasmusdays 2021 – Development of Professional Skills of Future Teachers

The vocational profile is the one that owns the main place in the initial training programs of the National Pedagogical College ”Regina Maria” from Deva, a profile that represents an important part in pre-university education, because it owns a particular finality in comparison to other profiles by the fact that the graduates become teachers for pre-school and primary school education, having the possibility of continuing the professional training concomitantly with the professional insertion.

A particularly important aspect is the conduct of the psycho-pedagogical practice classes due to which the students form and develop more easily the necessary skills for the pre-school teacher/ primary school teacher profile, an aspect that our college cannot cover entirely, in the circumstances where the large number of students from the pre-school teacher/ primary school teacher classes and the small number of accredited practice coordinators existing in partner schools/ nurseries/ kindergartens, produce difficulties and deficiencies in the practical training.

For this very reason, starting from the targets and the objectives of the Institutional Development Plan which has as desirable purpose the realization of a final-product–the future pre-school teacher and primary school teacher with a solid and interdisciplinary specialized training that will be competitive against the realities and requirements of the labour market, we consider it necessary and timely to develop an Erasmus+ mobility project, addressed to 10th,11th +12th grade students in partnership with private and public kindergartens, preprimary and primary schools, social centres in Cyprus, Spain and Portugal. Here it comes the main purpose of our project: the development of professional skills for the insertion into the EU labour market. To accomplish the purpose, we set the following objectives:

1. The development of practical skills in the pedagogy field of the 63 students from the target group, during the project development, skills that will be validated, recognized and integrated in the current practice training
2. The development of language skills concerning the students involved in the project
3. The development of metacognitive skills by promoting an intercultural dialogue, by involving as an active subject in a EU learning community
4. The realization of 3partnerships between European educational institutions and the implementation of common quality assurance structures.

The participants in the mobility are 63 pupils, the 10th,11th and 12th grade from the vocational profile, pre-school teacher-primary school teacher and pre-school teacher-nursery teacher. Upon graduation, they receive the baccalaureate diploma, but they also receive an attestation certificate of professional competences acquired after studying the specialized theoretical subjects, after attending the specialized pedagogical practice classes and after taking a specialized exam. It provides them the pre-school teacher-primary school teacher/ pre-school teacher-nursery teacher qualification, due to which they can work in schools/ kindergartens/ nurseries/ social centres/ child protection/ day centres/ parents’ counselling centres/ centres for mother in risk situations or they can continue their studies.

These students will represent the human resource of the RO educational system which wants to be modern, connected and correlated with the EU standards. Through the project, they will perform a 2 weeks placement in the receiving units from Cyprus, Spain, Portugal. This allows a week of merged practice – the 10th,11th and 12th grade and 30 hours of current pedagogical practice allocated by the framework plan for differentiated curriculum of vocational colleges with pedagogical profile, approved by OMECT no.3608/2009 – „Specialized practical traning”. The main activity of the project will be the training placement: flux1=22 pupils, 12th grade, primary school teacher – kindergarten teacher in Portugal flux2=14 pupils, 11th grade, primary school teacher-kindergarten teacher in Cyprus flux3=27 pupils, 10th grade, teacher-nursery teacher in Spain.

The content units that will be covered through placement are:

  • Assistance activities of the of the instructional-educational process in the kindergarten and other related units
  • Assistance activities of the instructional-educational process in pre-primary and primary schools, designing activities, teaching and evaluation of the activities conducted by students
  • Other types of curricular and extra-curricular educational activities.

The internship will become part of the specialized training and will be recognized and validated on the basis of the Europass Mob certificate and the implementation of some elements of the ECVET system for the organization of transnational mobilities. At the same time, the participating students will acquire new general skills, will improve their transferable key skills, will practice their language and social skills, promoting their personal and professional development.

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#ERASMUSDAYS 2021, IMPACT PROJECT NR. 2020-1-RO01-KA102-079317 ”Internships at Erasmus+Level for future teachers-educators, respectively educators-puericultors”
Ambasador de Învățare, Prof. Vințan Emilia Colegiul Național Pedagogic ”R. Maria”


prof. Emilia Vințan

Colegiul Național Pedagogic Regina Maria, Deva (Hunedoara) , România
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