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The question that stares in every teacher’s mind is for sure: What can be done teach online efficiently? If I’d asked this question a couple of years ago, it’s likely that the question would have been irrelevant for the majority of teachers. Back in early 2020 online teaching was rare, in early 2022 however, as we find ourselves in the third year of the pandemic, online or hybrid teaching, has become something normal around the world from primary to academic teaching.

Although we feel the end of COVID pandemic closer, the option of online teaching will be preserved many years from now on. Meanwhile, we must improve our techniques all the time.  To my mind,  there are some key aspects to follow in order to achieve the aim of teaching online.

One of them could be the commitment of the remote teachers and the school support. The second component is to have the technical aspects in mind and have the connectivity required to make this happen. So it’s not only about having computers but also making sure that the connectivity in school and in the places where the teachers deliver the lessons is efficient enough for a lesson to take place and flow naturally.

And of course the there is a third component that has to do with continuous professional development. Teachers need to be trained and guided and supported through this mode of teaching since, even though they each share is part of the face-to-face environment strategies, there are others that are completely new for this mode of teaching.

I believe that remote teaching can be possible even in low resource contexts. I think that the pandemic has showed us that this is possible.  It is advisable to have some sources or materials already prepared for both the synchronous sessions with the students who are able to connect and asynchronous sessions for those who are unable. And that would give all students at home the possibility of carrying out similar activities that would engage them in learning with or without the connectivity. Even though the pandemic has showed that there are a lot of students without access to certain components, like the computer or any kind of device, eventually we made it happen they were able to keep on learning (for example, printed resources available at school, as there always has been someone waiting for them).There are plenty of resources available on the internet to help ourselves when planning lessons in order to ensure the succes of the lesson.

So we are all learning through this process, we just have to be flexible enough with ourselves and with students to make the most of it.

Learning has to be the focus always and in that sense, communicating with students, their partents and the local comunity,  working collaboratively with other teachers too and looking to develop ourselves is the key to success.

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prof. Larisa Mihaela Fășie

Școala Gimnazială, Perșinari (Dâmboviţa) , România
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