Erasmus+ Accreditation: Enhancing Education at “Ionel Perlea” Arts High School

We are excited to announce that “Ionel Perlea” Arts High School has received Erasmus+ accreditation. This recognition highlights our commitment to improving education through international collaboration and innovative practices. Our projects focus on digital tools for students, special education needs, and teacher training. We have partnered with schools from Greece, Turkey, and Portugal to achieve these goals.

Digital Tools for Students

One of our main goals is to help students use digital tools effectively. Thanks to Erasmus+, we have introduced new technology in our classrooms. These tools make learning more interactive and engaging. Students can now use various apps and online resources that enhance their creativity and problem-solving skills. This prepares them for future challenges in a technology-driven world. They have learnt a lot of new strategies while working with their peers from 1st Laboratory Center of Trikala in Greece, Agrupamento De Escolas Anselmo De Andrade, Almada, Portugal and School: Ozel Yukselen Koleji Anadolu Lisesi Ankara, Turkiye.

Job Shadowing in Special Education

Inclusive education is very important to us. To better support students with special needs, our teachers have participated in job shadowing programs. Teachers visited our partner school in Portugal to learn about different teaching methods for special education. This experience helped our teachers understand how to create a supportive and inclusive environment for all students.

Teacher Training on Digital Tools

Professional development is key to our success. Through Erasmus+, our teachers have attended courses on using digital tools in the classroom. These course, offered by our partners Turkiye, and Portugal, taught our teachers how to integrate technology into their teaching. As a result, they are now better equipped to use digital resources, making lessons more dynamic and effective.

International Collaboration

Working with schools in Greece, Turkey, and Portugal has been incredibly rewarding. These partnerships have allowed us to share ideas, learn from each other, and improve our educational practices. Together, we have built a strong network that benefits both our students and teachers.

Looking Forward

Our Erasmus+ accreditation is just the beginning. We are committed to continuing our work in digital learning, special education, and teacher training. With the support of our international partners, we will keep improving and innovating to provide the best education for our students.

As one can imagine, the Erasmus+ accreditation is a significant achievement for our school as it reflects our dedication to providing high-quality education through international cooperation and innovative practices. We look forward to the positive impact this will have on our school community, contributing to the well-being of all participants.


prof. Nicoleta-Marilena Militaru

Liceul de Arte Ionel Perlea, Slobozia (Ialomiţa) , România
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