Preserving the European Power through Education (Erasmus+ Project „Europe Is My Future”)

The European Union is one of the most important forces worldwide in terms of social, political, economic and cultural aspects. Each EU member benefits from the gains of it. However, in the last few years, there have been some anti-EU voices which suggested that the European Union doesn’t bring as many advantages as initially thought.

Thus, England decided to be independent from the union and made the Brexit agreement.

In order to transfer the achievements of the European Union to the younger generations and prevent disagreements, an ERASMUS+ project ‘Europe is my Future’ was set by schools from Lithuania, Turkey, Italy and Romania.

The project’s objectives are to gather European Union achievements under certain categories. The European Union provides an economic stability. In this context, member countries become more resistant to economic crises. In addition, business opportunities in the union are increasing thanks to free circulation. This is a positive contribution for both employers and employees. ‘Europe is my Future’ plans to demonstrate to the participants that the union is an economic guarantee.

The European Union offers a wide range of educational opportunities to all member states. The project aims to find out what these opportunities are and how to use them.

The European Union provides a cultural cohesion. This fusion enhances tolerance and respect for different cultures. Our participants will be aware of this cultural fusion through our project. The European Union has a justice system with the rule of law. Thus, a fair environment has been created for all. Our project will emphasize the importance of the European Union in the establishment of justice. The role of the European Union in the protection of democracy and human rights will be shown to our participants with the activities of our project.

Apart from students and teachers who participate directly in project mobility, universities, nongovernmental organizations, associations, foundations and companies will be our project participants. These participants will support the implementation and dissemination of project activities.

A variety of activities will be carried out in each country with mobilities which will be focused on showing the results achieved thanks to the achievements of the European Union. Visits to factories, universities, cultural associations, municipalities or governorship offices and nongovernmental organizations will be held in each country. During these visits, the participants will be informed about how their activities are more beneficial thanks to the European Union. In every country visit, the social-cultural structure of the country will be observed.

Our project activities are carried out by the method of learning by doing. Learning by doing the best teaching method in education will be the base of our project activities. Therefore, it is necessary to organize mobility in each partner country within the scope of project activities.
At the end of the project activities, we expect the participants to be aware of the achievements of the European Union and benefit from these gains. They will also be aware that the European Union is beneficial for all member states. Our participants will struggle to maintain the economic, political, social, cultural, educational, legal advantages that the union provides. In the long term, it will be understood that the European Union is an obligation for the future of everyone and the continuity of the union will be ensured. In this way, such outputs as Brexit will be blocked and we will have a more prosperous European Union in future.


prof. Aurelia Cucu

Colegiul de Industrie Alimentară Elena Doamna, Galați (Galaţi) , România
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