„International School Awards, British Council On Line” Romania-Pakistan

In the 2019-2020 school year, we have the honour, again,  to implement the ”International School Awards, British Council On Line” project, at the initiative of Professor Hădărean Diana together and Professor Muhammad Idrees, ISA coordinator at the Government Boys Secondary School Jajjah Abbasian, Khanpur, Rahim yarkhan, Punjab, Pakistan.

The project activities are multiple and interesting, aiming at an international education that enriches teaching and learning. This education leads to new practices and perspectives, continuing their professional development and raising teaching standards. It gives young people a glimpse to different cultures and countries, helping them to develop as responsible citizens in the world and preparing them for life and work in a global society. The „Art and craft ” , first activity has had a great impact, both at the partner school and at ours . The schools did the activities and then sent pictures and videos they had recorded.

Professor Muhammad Idrees, the ISA project coordinator, has demonstrated that he is a good organizer, a consistent man, dedicated to the students, a man full of energy, a man who is fit for a project of this magnitude.

It is the first time we take part in a project of this magnitude and we feel honoured that we have managed to be accepted despite the great distance.

Within the project group, we discover daily the joy of all partners involved in the project from their feed-back posted online, accompanied by sincere thanks, and thank you letters. This project proved to be a great opportunity to know the culture and tradition of other countries, but also to make our own cultural heritage known.

Our students are very open to everything that is novelty and are enthusiastically awaiting each feedback of our joint activities with other countries.

Although each partnership project involves a lot of extra work, we continue to be motivated because we have noticed over the years that every activity within a project has a positive response to pupils’ behaviour as they come to know and understand the world, to appreciate the joys they have in their country, thus gradually enriching their knowledge and moral-civic conduct.


7. PROJECT FOR POOR CHILDREN: ,,Donate a dollar to a child from Pakistan”-MARTH, JUNE, MAY

Our mutual goal in developing this project was to show solidarity in walking together on the path towards peace, cultural awareness and friendship in a time when so many countries encounter great difficulties.

Through this project we have pursued: the use of foreign languages, especially English, to ensure a climate of understanding and respect among the peoples of the European Union and those of Asia, in order to promote an intercultural dimension in education. He also focused on cooperative techniques through online communication between Government Boys Secondary School Jajjah Abbasian, Khanpur, Rahim yarkhan, Punjab fromPakistan and the other schools involved in the project, or the development of online exchange programs. He made sure there were no obstacles for any of us, his partners, neither educational, nor cultural. He aimed at underlining the culture, traditions and customs of every one of us and draw our awareness to a sustainable development. Furthermore, he encouraged us to find new approaches in designing our materials for teaching and other class activities, to make use of the new technologies and to explore the aspects of common interest of the educational politics.

The relevance of inclusive and fair quality education and opportunities for lifelong learning for all, formal, non-formal and informal learning, including the use of ICT, and at all levels for improving people’s lives and sustainable development, were just a few of the common goals that we have reached them and we wish to reach them in the future through this project.

Professor Hădărean Diana Liceul Vocational Pedagogic, Beiuş, România
and Professor Muhammad Idrees, Government Boys Secondary School Jajjah Abbasian, Khanpur, Rahim yarkhan, Punjab, Pakistan.

prof. Diana Hădărean

Liceul Vocațional Pedagogic, Beiuș (Bihor) , România
Profil iTeach: iteach.ro/profesor/diana.hadarean

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