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I have 28 years of experience in education, as a primary education teacher. For 3 years I have been working at an urban education school, but before this experience I worked for 23 years in a rural environment, at the Oncești Secondary School, Maramureș, Romania. A great success in my class was the involvement of students in eTwinning projects. I have been in the eTwinning community since 2017, and since 2020 I am an eTwinning ambassador. Some of the successful eTwinning projects were Creativity in the Classroom, We love eTwinning, Stop here, If I were…

All your dreams can come true if you dare to pursue them. (Walt Disney)

Oncești commune is located in a picturesque area on the Izei Valley and has a lot of important settlements from the time of the free Dacians, the ancestors of the people of Maramureş. Tourists visiting these areas will be impressed by the archaic village, the ancient traditions, the rhythm of music and song, as well as the colors of the folk costumes.

Oncești commune was an important point of defense in the past centuries, and this is reinforced by some settlements found here. It is about five settlements declared historical monuments of national interest: ”Settlement from the Point of Pe Corn” – Bronze Age; ”The settlement from the Bolteni point” – Hallstatt era; The Oncești archaeological site found at the ”Citadel” point; The medieval fortification that can be found at the ”Citadel” point; The settlement from the ”Citadel” point dating from the period of the 1st century before Christ and the 1st century after Christ, the Latene period.

During the years I worked at this school, the students came from disadvantaged families, princes who went abroad to work, because the population had no place to work.

In terms of inclusion and combating school dropouts, together with the local community, the primary school and the school’s teaching staff have been involved in various educational program, e learning experience for our students but has also contributed to the improvement of education systems within our local community. Through the integration of new methodologies, technologies, and pedagogical approaches, we have been able to address the evolving needs of our students more effectively. Moreover, our participation in European projects has fostered collaboration and networking with educators from different backgrounds, enabling us to exchange best practices and stay updated with the latest developments in education. As a result, our school has gained community trust and become a place of creativity and innovation ultimately benefiting both our students, teachers and parents.

Traditions and customs, bridges between friends. Initially, this project was submitted to the School Inspectorate, as well as a competition organized for the participation of high schools in rural areas. It was a real success, involving the families of my students and the local community. Through the popular port, through the cooked dishes, I, as a teacher and as an eTwinning ambassador, tried to promote the traditions of the rural area.

In rural areas, children do not have access to technology, to information in the same way as students in urban areas. This did not stop me, as a teacher of these wonderful students. I carried out extracurricular activities, trying to involve as many students of the village and school as possible.

The Christmas celebrations, with carol concerts, were a wonderful success.

The eTwinning Creativity in the Classroom and IF I WERE… projects were awarded the 1st Prize at the National Awards in Romania, section School units from the rural environment

I managed to make my students love the Financial Education Option and in 2018 my class qualified for the Small Banks Olympiad, held in Bucharest. My children, from the rural environment, beat other schools from the urban environment, and at the national stage they ranked among the first 45 students out of the 130 who participated.

Every child has the right to education. Maybe for some teachers teaching in rural schools can be more difficult, for me 23 years was a challenge that I faced well. I had the support of the parents and the local community and that’s how I managed to realize wonderful projects with more than 6 generations of students.

Education is very important because it opens the mind and plays a vital role in our societies. Most of the time, education takes place frequently under the guidance of educators, but from a certain moment in life, we can educate ourselves. In this article, we have created a collection of the most beautiful quotes about education from the world’s greatest sages that will make us realize how important education is in our lives.

If we want our students to get the best from us, the teaching staff, we must not have obstacles such as the environment where children live, social and financial barriers.


prof. Adina-Veronica Godja

Școala Gimnazială Dr. Ioan Mihalyi de Apșa, Sighetu Marmației (Maramureş) , România
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