eTwinning Project: Be Creative and Make New Friends

This project was initiated in July 2022 by Nicolas Durand from College Notre Dame La Ferte, France and has been going on throughout this school year. It has involved 122 pupils and 8 teachers from Greece, Sweden, Spain, Romania, France, Italy, Croatia and Poland. This is a project in which our pupils have been able to communicate and share things about themselves, their daily life, their interests/hobbies, their schools, towns and countries, in order to know more about their European neighbours.

The first step in our project was drawing up a map of the project, where the coordinator has attached on the world globe the names of each school corresponding to each country. Then we were invited to look at the project plan and asked to make suggestions.

The next important aspect was to be introduced to some rules and regulations about netiquette, e-safety and privacy, as well as the e-Twinning code of conduct. Here are some of these:


  • Take permission from parents to add your students to the project
  • Be careful when you take your students’ photos: students’ faces mustn’t be clear in the project or only upload photos to pages which can’t be seen by everyone on Internet
  • Be careful when you make your twinspace page visible on Internet


  • Respect other people’s privacy
  • Verify facts before reposting
  • Check messages and reply promptly
  • Don’t express offensive opinions
  • Don’t post private or embarrassing images or comments
  • Be inclusive and accept other people’s opinions
  • Be kind, polite and friendly
  • Don’t ask or share personal information and contacts (phone number, Facebook or Instagram contacts)

Well, the next page of our project is called Get to know each other! On our marks! Each country made a collaborative padlet in which the pupils introduced themselves, presenting their hobbies and expectations. Here is a printscreen of our team:

In the meantime, some forum threads were created where the pupils could answer questions and interact with each other on the following topics: Sports, Films, Videogames, Shopping, Music, Anime etc. No matter their origins, they were amazed to find they had so many things in common.

Then we were asked to come up with logos for our project (digital or drawings), with a deadline until the 15th of November. Each country had to provide them and an online voting was organized to establish the winner.

Finally, the result was announced and we were delighted to find that the winning logo was ours.

At around Christmas, a new page was created, in which the pupils displayed their handmade cards and gave to each other nice Christmas wishes. We even exchanged them by mail. What a nice Christmas gift! Thank you, Santa Claus Nicolas Durand! 🙂 Then it was time to boast with our beautiful schools. On the next page called Our schools all the countries presented a short video with the most interesting things. It was so pleasant to make a virtual tour of so many European schools…. Here is the presentation of our school Colegiul Național ,,Ana Aslan” from Brăila, Romania:

In this part of our project, the students also had the chance to talking/ asking each other questions about school life on the special forums.
Then we were invited to present our towns through a video or a slideshow.

The next step in our project was to create Kahoot Quizzes for our countries and the students of the other participant countries had to solve them. This was a chance to improve their general knowledge about other countries. They also had a lot of fun doing it! This is the quiz my pupils created:

The last activity of our project was to invite the students to write about their dreams for the future. What would you like to be? Would you like to be famous, have a good job? Would you like to win the lottery and travel the world?  These are some of the questions they had to answer in a padlet.

All in all, it has been an exciting adventure for my students and they are looking forward to new experiences! I’ll do my best to meet their expectations.

* * *

Meta information:
Project ID: 127482
Members: 8
Membership: France(2), Italy(1), Poland(1), Romania(1), Sweden(1), Croatia(1), Greece(1)
Age range: 12-15
Subjects of teaching: Art, Citizenship, Geography, Informatics / ICT
Vocational subjects of teaching: IT
Key competences: Citizenship, Cultural awareness and expression, Personal, social and learning to learn


prof. Laura Delighiosu

Colegiul Național Ana Aslan, Brăila (Brăila) , România
Profil iTeach:

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