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One of my online projects is called Healthy life, healthy body and it  takes place on eTwinning platform; it started in February 2020 and it is an online project between schools from 6 countries, such as: Bulgaria (1), Greece (1), Italy (1), Romania (2), Serbia (1), Turkey (1). This project aims to assist children and families in making healthy food choices by supporting nutrition policies, expanding opportunities for nutrition education and focusing on physical improvements at school and scholar communities.

In order to bridge school activities with nutrition habits at home, families will be engaged by school sponsored parent-teacher associations, cooking demonstrations, and nutrition related homework assignments. This project also is meant to make students aware of the fact that sports should be a way of living, not only a competition.

The major aims of the project are the following:
a) Promoting good eating habits and active lifestyle;
b) School policies to support healthy eating;
c) Nutrition education;
d) Equipment needed to serve fresh fruits and vegetables;
e) Adopt a sporty lifestyle;
f) raising awareness of health and fitness;
g) improving language skills;
h) getting to know new vocabulary connected with food and drink, sport and healthy lifestyle;
ı) to promote sports as a way of living;
i) to make students take up sports;
j) to make new international friends;
k) to communicate in English;
l) to improve their ICT skills.

During the work process, the partner schools will carry out this project with an activity every month. So our project will be completed 15 months later; the activities that will be done are the following:
P1. Activities can be done in break time at schools (table tennis, kick ball etc).
P2. Investigation of foods calories.
P3. Tricider voting for the meal of the month.
P4. Meeting a famous sportman.
P5. Meeting a doctor/dieterian.
P6. Designing a magazine with advice/ideas/recommadations etc.
P7. Doing exercises with volunteer teachers and pupils at 3 times in a week with music.
P8. Kid games tournament.
P9. Breakfast Time.
P10. Making Home-made hamburger (slow-food).
P11. Increasing water consumption.
P12. School milk day.
P13. Eat your meal, pick your stars!
P14. How can we keep away our children from Junk Food?
P15. Sharing our fruits.

At the end, with this project we expect to promote awareness of being healthy of students via different activities. The participants of the project will know the difference between healthy and unhealthy eating. They will be aware of the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle. The students will know food traditions and habits. They will understand the importance of physical activity and keeping fit in their everyday life.

Within the project, we teach children that eating healthy and treating their bodies well can be fun and is important in order to live a long and healthy life. At the end of the project, we hope our students will be equipped with the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to make smart choices when it comes to eating and taking care of their physical health.

The eTwinning project ”Healthy life, healthy body”. Online:


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