Act for Environment. New Learning Opportunities through Erasmus+

We have always been passionate about discovering new things and exploring the world around us and one can only imagine how happy we had been when we received the good news: Erasmus+ mobilities can take place! This meant that we could officially start the first adventure of our new Erasmus+ project, Act for Environment in which our school, “Ionel Perlea” Arts High School, Slobozia, Romania is in partnership with 1 Epal Trikalon din Grecia ( coordinator), IES Hispanidad from Spania, Ekonomska i Turistika Skola Daruvar from Croatia and Agrupamento Escolas Anselmo de Andrade from Portugal.

The project mobilities focus on different topics about the environment : Greece- Recycling is the first step, Croatia- Mass consumerism society, Portugal- One week between the river and the sea, Spain- Climate change and biodiversity and Romania- Saving energy and the environment. The project activities aim at making participants more aware of the environmental problems and also make them collaborate on the topics in order to create common products and examples of good international collaboration both in Erasmus+ mobilities and in eTwinning.

The first mobility took place in Trikala, Greece between 6-10 December 2021 and it focused on the topics of recycling as one important step in trying to make things better for the planet. The students worked online because of the Covid-19 restrictions and used eTwinning to collaborate on some interesting tasks. In Trikala, they had the opportunity to present their work in their schools and thus present examples of good practice that can easily be used by the other partners. They also analyzed the results of the survey prepared by the Greek team on the topic of recycling and other environmental aspects.

Later, the participants could find more examples on how the community also gets involved by participating in a Town Hall Meeting and presentation of the projects the town of Trikala is involved or will be involved in in order to maintain its status of Smart City. It was interesting to discover how schools are also involved and how the local council is trying to find ways to improve the quality of life in the town.

A very interesting activity in which students had the opportunity to work in international teams was the programming of a robot to do some recycling specific tasks. The students were helped by ICT teachers and by members of the robotic team in 1Epal of Trikala which made live demonstrations of how these robots could be programmed to do recycling tasks. The international teams wrote the codes for the robots and then they competed against one another having fun and learning at the same time.

The mobility to Trikala, Greece showed the participants that Erasmus+ projects offer them the opportunities they need to evolve and also to know the world around them in a different manner. The activities and the documentation visits offered examples of how local communities can help the environment and encourage young people to be responsible adults.

The Romanian delegation ( Teachers: Militaru Nicoleta, Grecu Magdalena and the students: Cilibeanu Alicia, Musat Delia, Musoiu Anastasia ans Vasilescu Ana) is very proud to be part of this wonderful project coordinated by Mr. Nikos Ntogkas, 1Epal Of Trikala, Greece.


prof. Nicoleta-Marilena Militaru

Liceul de Arte Ionel Perlea, Slobozia (Ialomiţa) , România
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