Using Music in the Classroom

Nowadays, teaching is a real challenge and more and more teachers have become aware of the importance of creating attractive lessons, lessons that can promote a real life learning environment. Music can play a really important part in the language classroom. It can change the atmosphere in the room within seconds.

1. Who am I?
Level: All levels
Time: 10 minutes
Aim: to practice asking YES/NO questions and to energize students into moving around and interacting
Procedure: write the names of well-known singers on small pieces of paper and stick a name on each student’s back. The students must not see what the name is. Then tell the students that they can find out who they are only by asking the other students yes/no questions. They can only ask one question per student. Those answering the questions can only say yes, no or I don’t know. Put a label on your back and demonstrate a few questions to get them started.
Am I a man?
Am I alive?
Do I live in the UK?

2. We can work on the lyrics of songs giving worksheets to students (text completion, jumbled lyrics, etc.)
Jealous by Labrinth

I. Complete with the words in the box. The words are mixed.
1. rain; 2. jealous; 3.  clothes; 4. closer;  5. skin
I’m ………..of the ………..
That falls upon your ………
It’s …. than my hands have been
I’m ……… of the ……
I’m ………….. of the wind
That ripples through your ……………
It’s …………….than your shadow
Oh, I’m ………… of the wind

II. Number the sentences as you hear them:
….. Love that was in here
….. I’m jealous of the nights
….. Gone for someone else to share
….. I’m wondering who you lay next to
….. Oh, I’m jealous of the nights
….. Oh, I’m jealous of the love
….. That I don’t spend with you
….. I’m jealous of the love

III. Circle the word that you hear:
‘Cause I wished/asked you the best of
All this world could/would give
And I told/said you when you left me
There’s nothing to forgive/forget
But I always thought/told you’d come back, tell me all you found was
Heartbreak and misery/jealousy
It’s hard for me to say, I’m jealous of the way/day
You’re happy/funny without me

Although some teachers of English see music as time consumers, it has  an important role in foreign language teaching because it facilitates foreign language learning. Music is an effective and enjoyable way to add some fun to our English lessons.

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